Adult Therapy

Speech Pathology for Adults

The Speech Pathologists working for Dr Jill Lesic & Associates have experience in many areas of adult based therapy.  These include voice therapy, fluency training, accent modification, swallowing assessment and therapy, and all aspects of speech and language.

Registered with Medicare and Department of Veteran Affairs.

For all enquiries please phone 1300 821 148 or 03 9836 8542.

Our Services

Voice therapy

Suitable for professional voice users, teachers, singers, public speakers, actors and business people.  Treating vocal pathologies. Improving vocal quality and strength.

Therapy designed to make it easier for others to understand you.

We can address any area of your language: reading, writing, understanding, good communication, difficulties arising from stroke, head injury or neurological disease.

Problems with eating and swallowing can result from surgery, stroke, illness, a variety of medical conditions or even stress and anxiety.  after conditions.  Sometimes they can occur for no apparent reason.  Assessment and therapy aims to improve your eating/swallowing and your quality of life.

We are able to provide comprehensive assessments and therapy for all ages of school students.  We can provide this in our rooms or on site as a school visit.


Xray swallowing assessment which we perform at various private hospitals throughout Melbourne.

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